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Posted on 08-07-19 11:28 AM Link | #1189
I'll list bad ROM dumps I encounter as I work on DSi shito.

DS games

* 4926 - Picross 3D (U)(NukeThis) - ROM header states this game has a RSA signature. Header data past first 0x200 bytes (where the signature should be) is missing. ROM can't be verified and loaded by DSi menu.

DSi-enhanced games

* 5126 - Toy Story 3 (DSi Enhanced) (U)(NukeThis) - DSi part of the ROM is just the same garbage pattern repeated every 0x1000 bytes. Probably other things are wrong too, this ROM doesn't even show up in the DSi menu.

* Pokémon White - same issue as Toy Story 3.


Posted on 08-16-19 07:36 PM Link | #1190
Doesn't no-intro already have this information?

Posted on 08-16-19 11:50 PM Link | #1191
In Pokemon White, you tried the FrieNDS dump or the EXiMUS one? The FrieNDS dump was reported to be bad a LONG while ago.

Posted on 10-31-21 03:54 PM (rev. 2 of 10-31-21 04:03 PM) Link | #4660
In general just stay away from scene roms. They don't work on DSi mode so use a no-intro rom if you can. An XenoPhobia version of GTA Chinatown Wars won't work on DSi mode. When you launch it it will say "An error has occurred. Turn your DSi off and on." On regular DS mode it will launch fine.

Main - Compatibility / Testing - DSi: bad ROM dumps Hide post layouts | New reply

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