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Posted on 10-31-20 11:28 PM Link | #2671
hello everyone! I'm koreanturtleship (not korean lmao), and i am a student with a huge interest in computers and retro stuff. I found out about melonDS from the emulation tech wiki and decided to take it for a spin and found that I liked it more than DeSmuME. I like to play pokemon games and really hope to see useful wifi emulation soon. (also did you know you can use your phone as a virtual ethernet device when tethering it? that means ppl stuck on wifi only can finally connect melonDS to alternate DNSes!) - pee.

Posted on 10-31-20 11:34 PM Link | #2672
welcome aboard :) glad you like melonDS :P


Posted on 12-26-20 10:44 AM Link | #3024
Hi, I'm SLG3, or SLG3 as a SM64 Machinimist, I'm interested by NSMB series hacking, I'm learning c++ and python, I'm making shit games with DS Game Maker, in the melonds's Kuribo64 community, I give ideas for melonDS development, sometimes they're released, sometimes it's trash, but I don't stop giving ideas.

Posted on 12-27-20 02:22 AM Link | #3031
Evening. My name is Soup. Im new to emulators and newer to the forum thing. Please be patient with me on this one. I'm here to learn about MelonDS and to just re live some good old memories with ds games.

Posted on 04-08-21 11:49 PM Link | #3569
Heyo! I'm Grum. I'm a retro game lad and currently learning c# and c++. Melonds really intrigues me and I'd love to help in any way I can. :)

Posted on 06-23-21 01:46 AM Link | #3873
Hello, I'm Chrissy. I have never been on a forum before but I wanted to show my support for MelonDS somehow. I also am not certain how exactly posting on a forum works yet so.. hopefully this doesn't accidentally respond to somebody else!

~ Chrissytude

Posted on 09-22-21 01:13 PM Link | #4505
Hi, I'm Akmaj, just your average gamer, I got this name when I was entering my name in Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap(GBA), somehow messed up "L" with "J" while typing my name(I was only 6 back then, please don't judge lol). made this account to show support to the MelonDS community. pleased to be here :)

nice tumit you *wink*

Posted on 10-07-21 09:03 AM Link | #4553
I'm a bit late. Sorry!

Hey, I'm Bass_PHOX. But you may call me Phoxy. I'm a 20 year old girl with a passion for code. I'm particularly drawn to Nintendo Romhacking and similar stuff. I spend most of my time browsing the internet for tools I can use to burst open my favorite games so I can modify them to my liking.

More about me outside of gaming, I'm a bit on the lewd side. But don't expect that behavior on forums like these. I will try to keep it to a minimum.
I'm a Twitch streamer and a musician. I make electronic dance music (EDM) and suck at it.

Why am I here? MelonDS is my favorite DS emulator. Its already a really solid emulator as is, and I want to see it improve over time. That's why I joined the forum. I wish to help make MelonDS the best emulator it can be.

I hope this clarifies me as a person. If you wish to learn more about me, I'm always down for a chat. Feel free to send me a private message or add me on discord by clicking here. (Side note, if you do add me on discord. Let me know you're from the forum as I get a lot of un-solicited friend requests.)


Posted on 11-11-21 05:14 AM Link | #4704
I'm Samaranta. I'm here thanks to a game, Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Because of vision issues due to the small screen of my 3DS, I had to stop playing this game that I like a lot.
After a long time to find a good DS emulator in order to play on my pc, I finally found melonDS, which is the more pleasant to use for me, and seems to have a nice community.
So, here I am ^^

Posted on 04-15-22 05:04 PM Link | #5169
hi, i'm Here as a cat and i like emus, chocolate, cake, cats, ppsspp


This is a Meeowical Meow!

Posted on 04-19-22 08:46 AM (rev. 2 of 04-19-22 09:15 AM) Link | #5177
Sorry for the delay in introducing myself.
Nice to meet you, I am a kid who mainly mods Wii.
I mainly used DesmuME until I started gaming with this emulator, now I use this Wifi capable DS emulator all the time.
Best regards!

"I sometimes use because ...zzz... "

Posted on 09-26-22 05:28 PM Link | #5544
Hi, I'm Pablo. I'm 24 and currently finishing (hopefully soon) my degrees in maths and physics. As a kid I always liked Pokemon and I re-started playing again like a year ago. I'm here because I'm looking for a way to transfer from gen 4 to gen 5 and I found this emulator, but I can't make it work on my macbook, so any advise would be really appreciated.

Hope to get to know some nice people here :)

Posted on 10-03-22 11:16 PM Link | #5568
hello im Harry (nickname) or IGN Harrysdog 21 (if only i am born in 1999 or jan i will tell them to minus 2000 on this current year) rarely (more like never) use forum and i rarely interact with it unless i need help. also im not rich as my income is in the negative soo sorry being a cheap stick.

Posted on 10-23-22 08:04 PM Link | #5604
Hello im nbalint Im 19 and im here in this forum since i have a melonDS emulator

Posted on 08-14-23 03:30 PM Link | #6171
Hi am BEP, I want to play DS game

Posted on 10-10-23 03:10 AM Link | #6253
hi, i'm Isabela (AKA IsaTanX)

Megaman.EXE is Lan Hikari's twin brother

Posted on 11-01-23 03:41 PM Link | #6292
Hiya! I'm MC/Feline and I like playing DS games (Duh), most notably Pokemon games, but I'm trying to branch out into the other gems of its expansive catalog :3

Posted on 01-10-24 11:34 AM Link | #6385
Is this really a introduction thread?
If so then here is my intro:
Privet! (Or hi to non-russians out there) I'm Ivan and the first DS game i played is New Super Mario Bros on DS (And First DSi Game i played is Mario vs Donkey Kong - Minis March Again!) And i'm currently making progress in games like Meteos (Disney Magic and Original) I discovered Emulation since 2 years ago in August 2021 (Thats 2024 - 3 if you calculate using math but its not if you consider that August 2024 didn't happend) And i hope emulation gets even better!

Posted on 03-09-24 03:05 PM Link | #6477
hi! I'm Makiboo

downloaded this emulator so i can play Sims Castaway without failing to light up the fireplace (i was obsessed until i lost it somehow)

I also play Nintendogs, and petz games. Love all of them :))

Nice to meet you all

Posted on 04-03-24 01:48 AM Link | #6502
Hello! I'm pridedino! I'm brand new to all this and got into it because I really wanted to play some childhood games again!
Nice to meet you all!
Hopefully my questions won't get too annoying
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