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HD Erick Games
Posted on 12-28-18 10:34 PM Link | #833
Do you (stapplebutter) have any plans to add a netplay feature to melonds that allows us to play local multiplayer games ""online"" in the future?

Its just because without that feature i will only be able to play nsmb versus like twice a year with someone else next to me ;-;

Posted on 12-30-18 03:53 PM Link | #836
two solutions for netplay:

* transmit actual wifi packets over the internet. not likely to ever work considering the timing characteristics.

* run two/more melonDS instances locally, sync inputs. more likely to work (as long as the games don't differ by eg. different RNG seed making things different) but requiring more power from your PC.

either way it's not a high prio atm.


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