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Posted on 08-12-23 05:55 PM Link | #6168
I’m using MelonDs to play Pokémon Black for the first time. However I’m going through some annoying issues ingame. Please know that I’m using 3rd Party Nintendo Switch Joycons called Doyoky, which has some extra buttons on the back i’m not entirely familiar with, to play the game and using Bluetooth to connect the controllers to my macbook pro laptop.

For one, the most annoying issue so far, sometimes when I select a move to use in battle, it instead just shows me the stats of the move instead. I’ve only pressed one button and nothing else, not holding the L button or any other button to select and use the move.
Another issue is that sometimes the D-pad is just, not working, and I have to go to input the settings again to set it up. I know I can use the joystick to move around but I prefer using the D pad, feels more cleaner and smoother to move around in.
Lastly sometimes the music and audio just doesn’t even play when I boot up the game. I’m pretty sure this can all be fixed with just restarting the game but I wonder why.

Could anyone please help me out? ^^;

Main - General - Some annoying issues with MelonDs Hide post layouts | New reply

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