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Posted on 07-23-22 08:48 PM (rev. 2 of 07-24-22 02:41 AM) Link | #5430
Issue Resolved! Manually replaced bios files with updated drastic freebios, firmware and nand files. Thanks for the support y’all!

Hey folks, new user here, hope this post is ok!

Recently I’ve been playing through my collection of DS Castlevania games and have had great success with DoS and PoR on my iPad using Retroarch/MelonDS. However, when I attempt to play Order of Ecclesia, I am met with a nasty blocker. Basically once the intro FMV sequence completes, an infinite loop of a small bat plays on the bottom screen whilst my top screen stays black.

I’ve done some light digging on fixes online but have yet to find one for melonDS specifically, and I can’t reproduce the issue in DeSmuME.

Figured I’d post this finding here to see if anyone has a fix/workaround for this issue.

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 07-23-22 09:09 PM (rev. 2 of 07-23-22 09:09 PM) Link | #5431
If you're talking about the FMV being played right when the game is booted up, I cannot reproduce the issue.

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Posted on 07-23-22 09:23 PM Link | #5432
The issue is with a very old implementation of "fake firmware" which doesn't have proper WiFi info, which freaks a lot of games out when they try to read that. This has been fixed upstream for a long while, but Libretro hasn't pulled in those fixes (and the onus is on them to do it, as it's not an official version).

Easy enough workaround is to just use real firmware.

Posted on 07-23-22 10:50 PM Link | #5433
@casualpokeplayer thanks for the tip! I’ll give that a shot. 🙏🏻

Main - Compatibility / Testing - Order of Ecclesia - Softlock after intro fmv. (RESOLVED) Hide post layouts | New reply

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