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Posted on 04-06-17 11:27 PM (rev. 20 of 11-13-17 10:55 PM) Link | #58
This list is by no means exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what is planned.

melonDS 0.6 TODO

* fix bugs in the Sims

* wifi:
-> make it more stable, client->host occasionally shits itself
-> handle errors, report them via the various possible ways
-> RXSTAT (not crucial)
-> figure out port244 and port228
-> maybe find how wifi DMA works? (it probably just doesn't work)
-> rate for MP ack and MP empty reply, where is it pulled from? hardwired? (MP ack probably uses the same rate as MP command)
----> rate/preamble might affect the reply-wait time (it likely includes the ack preamble)

* also, figure out how the hell writing to VCOUNT works -- done, except for how it interacts with 3D
-> doesn't offset 3D scanlines but causes a weird scanline effect
-> capture shows that the scanline effect only affects the LCD. 3D is unaffected by VCOUNT writes.
-> still needs to be checked: the various DMA/IRQ/things that interact with VCOUNT
--> vmatch
--> windows
--> DMA types 1 (vbl), 2 (hbl), 3 (disp start), 4 (FIFO)
--> vblank IRQ, flag
--> capture!
--> also check if repeating scanline 214 or 215 fucks up 3D

* fix timing problem (apparent in the Sims 2 intro video, it plays too slow)

* 3D:
-> depth limit for 1-dot polygons
-> check whether vertical/diagonal lines and dots render right (and to a lesser extent, horizontal lines)
-> antialiasing (figure out the GPU division quirks so that the output is the same as hardware)
-> fix interpolation accuracy (see above)
-> eventually check clipping and culling

* 2D:
-> mosaic
-> mostly checking sprite mosaic and TODO/checkme things for correctness

* UI done but do more of it


Posted on 04-06-17 11:32 PM Link | #59
Seems legit.

Can't wait to play games such as Rhythm Heaven, that require the usage of sound.

Posted on 07-23-17 10:41 PM (rev. 2 of 07-23-17 10:42 PM) Link | #274
I enjoyed Phantom Hourglass' multiplayer mode for the first time ever (for some reason the childhood acquaintances with whom I would be playing local multi hated Nintendo and Zelda games), it disconnected not too long after but that was something.
I tried Jump Ultimate Stars and Super Mario 64 DS but they give the same BSID error. Those 0.5 plans make me really happy.

Can't wait, even if it's far away enough, for this emulator to cover the DS base well enough for DSi mode to be at least considered or attempted. Its crypto stuff is preliminary work by Nintendo for what they would do with the 3DS, but still not what would be too much effort for what it's worth.

Posted on 11-03-17 12:20 AM Link | #403
this list is outdated now that 0.5 is out

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Posted on 11-03-17 01:10 PM Link | #405
most of it still applies to 0.6, because outside of UI not much was done at all


Posted on 11-15-17 08:27 PM Link | #410
Hi there.
Glad to know someone out there is emulating DS for what's missing in all current emulations! :)

Checked out 0.5, and nice it is.

You plan to implement state load/save anytime soon (or in 0.6)?

I checked PKMN Black2 on melonDS 0.5.
It's working nice - and I see that you have fixed most of the sound issues in 0.5.
But if you just boot up Black2, the sound crackles a lot at start. Not that it hampers anything, but it can be something you might want to look at.

Posted on 11-19-17 05:41 PM (rev. 2 of 11-19-17 05:47 PM) Link | #426
I have tried do play NSMB's Mario vs. Luigi mode (local multiplayer) in a lot of emulators and it only successfully connects in MelonDS. Thanks to the develpoers for their hard work! However, only the selected window of MelonDS accepts input, the other one doesn't. Could you make it to accept background input? I see there is a lot to do and you may have not enough time to do this, but it would be nice.

I'm not an english speaker, sorry if I wrote something incorrectly.

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