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Posted on 03-01-22 07:48 PM Link | #5044
would it be possible to port the Melon DS to the Wii?

Posted on 03-01-22 07:51 PM Link | #5045
technically: yes

in practice: first roadblock is that melonDS's code is not endian-safe, and the Wii is a big-endian platform. so one would need to go through all the code to fix that.

then you'd have to do a great deal of optimization to run it at a decent speed on the Wii's 729MHz CPU (or whatever the speed was).

it would probably be more efficient to write an emulator from scratch, targetting the Wii specifically.


Posted on 03-07-22 08:51 AM Link | #5056
I'd love for them to make it for Wii and Switch, playing DS games on PC is horrible

Posted on 03-07-22 09:17 AM Link | #5057
There is already a Switch port maintained by Generic that as far as I know runs most games well. As Arisotura said, the Wii is likely out of the question without making an emulator specific to it, though maybe the Wii U would have a chance.

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