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Posted on 01-24-22 10:20 AM Link | #4953
Hi, I'm not currently aware if there is a way to do this but it doesn't seem like there is, but:

I would like advanced launch options for changing certain settings in the emulator on the fly.

It's already a "feature" in Windows that you can create shortcuts to make applications open files upon launching them, which is great for making icons for each individual game.

However, some games are special in that they require you to physically hold the DS sideways like Brain Age or Hotel Dusk.

If an advanced launch option existed, it would be trivial to append the shortcut to use them and launch the emulator in the correct orientation.

Perhaps something like:
melonDS.exe "C:\game.nds" -scr 1
\ scr being short for screen rotation, 0 for 0 rotation, 1 for 90 rotation, etc.

Manually changing the rotation is trivial but it would be nice to have it be correctly oriented from the get go.

Posted on 01-28-22 08:19 AM Link | #4962
Additionally, a "default ROM" setting would also be nice for booting the firmware directly without having loaded a ROM first, so that it can show a game anyway without me having to reload one and restart the firmware.

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