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  1. General disclaimer
  2. The board's rules
  3. I'm new. Where should I start?
  4. I'm banned. What should I do?
  5. I can't register or log in.
  6. What do the colors on people's names mean?
  7. How can I have a post layout?

1. General disclaimer
The site does not own and cannot be held responsible for statements made by members on the forum. This site is offered as-is to the user. Any statements made on the board may be altered or removed at the discretion of the staff. Furthermore, all users are expected to have read, understood, and agreed to this FAQ before posting.
We do not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose member information like IP addresses to any third party. If you have questions about any information contained in this FAQ, please send a private message with your question to a moderator or administrator before posting.

The forum uses cookies to keep track of your login session when you are logged in.

2. The board's rules
  • Use common sense.
    This is the big one. Following it will save you from most trouble.

  • No spamming, trolling, flaming, harassment, bigotry, etc...

  • Try to format your posts nicely.
    Things are easier to read when they aren't compact text blobs.

  • The site's official language is English.
    If you don't speak English, you should provide an original version of your post along with an English translation if possible.

  • No more than one account per user.
    Any duplicate account will be banned on sight. In case the user was using it for bad purposes, their main account will also be banned.

  • Do not post or link to warez, porn or other inappropriate materials.
    Any post violating this rule will be deleted, and a ban may follow depending on the circumstances.

  • Do not respond to spam/flame posts or other forms of lamer attacks.
    The staff will take care of it. And lamers are seeking for attention, don't give them what they want.

  • Really... use common sense.

3. I'm new. Where should I start?
Always, by reading the rules. But since you're here, it's a safe bet that you've already done so. Otherwise, it is highly recommended that you read the rules now.

Then, you can proceed to introduce yourself in the general forum.

4. I'm banned. What should I do?
Check your title, it should mention why you are banned and an expiration date if the ban is temporary. If there is no expiration date, you will have to prove that you have learnt your lesson before you can be allowed back.

If you have questions about the ban, you can ask the staff via PM.

Attempting to dodge a ban will result in a permanent ban.

5. I can't register or log in.
The best thing to do is to ask Arisotura for help via email.

If you fail to register, try turning off any proxies, filters or anonymity tools, and avoid attempting to register from a public network.

6. What do the colors on people's names mean?
The color of a given user's name is determined by that user's power level. There are three possible colors per power level.

  Banned     Banned     Banned  
  Inactive     Inactive     Inactive  
  Normal user     Normal user     Normal user  
  Local moderator     Local moderator     Local moderator  
  Global moderator     Global moderator     Global moderator  
  Administrator     Administrator     Administrator  
  Owner     Owner     Owner  

In case you see colors that aren't part of the table above, the users are using custom username colors. Those are reserved to staff.

7. How can I have a post layout?
This board, like every Acmlmboard, allows HTML to be used in posts, as well as post headers and footers. To make a post layout, you enter appropriate HTML in your post header and footer.

There are a few simple rules which you should follow when making your layout:
  • Do not put plain text in your post header.
  • Your signature should stay at a reasonable height. The maximum is around the equivalent of 6 lines of text (100 pixels at the default font size).
  • If you want to restyle links or another element in your layout, make sure it only affects your posts and not the whole board.
  • No flashy backgrounds which make text difficult to read.
    This doesn't mean you can't have a nice background, but at least make sure that the area where the text is doesn't make a post hard to read.
  • No huge pictures or excessive amounts of them.
    Huge pictures just make threads longer to load and having too many animated GIFs can slow down some computers. Abusing animated GIFs will also make you look like a kid. (hint: actually being a kid isn't an excuse to violate this rule)
  • Do not hotlink images unless they come from an image host.
  • By extension, no pictures in BMP format.
    BMP is a wasteful format that has no place in a limited-bandwidth environment such as the Internet.
  • Avoid bad color combinations.
    Blue text on a red background is BAD.
  • CSS special effects may look good, but don't go too far or things will go laggy.
    Specifically, avoid fixed backgrounds unless your cool effect of death absolutely depends on them.
If a user's layout breaks one of the rules above, or is overall horrible, the user will be asked to fix their layout. If they fail to do it within a reasonable amount of time, their layout will be removed.
If a user persists into having a terrible layout despite staff continually removing it, they'll be blocked from having a layout.

Layouts that mess with another user's name or posts, or are offensive in any other way, will be removed on sight.

It is also possible for users to block another user's layout. This way, if a user has a layout you don't like but that layout doesn't break the rules, you won't see that layout anymore.

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