Things have been slow lately, you may have noticed. Couple reasons to that.

I meant to fix a few of the issues we had lurking around, so we could release 0.8.3. I managed to fix some issues that caused random crashes on exit, then began trying to fix the framerate limiter. Thing is, it is directly related to the audio output code and the issues that has. So, yeah, I still haven't found a solution to that tricky problem.

I also need to struggle to keep some motivation at times. Looking at the patterns in how I work, it is likely that I have ADHD. I have yet to get diagnosed and all, but this wouldn't surprise me.


As you may have noticed, Github user RSDuck sent a pull request for the JIT recompiler. This is a bit of a tricky situation though. I don't want to have to deal with a situation where people make third-party JIT builds, but at the same time, the JIT isn't quite ready for general use, as we're still ironing out various issues with it.

However, the JIT is said to give a performance boost ranging from 30% to 100%, which is fairly nice, especially as there's room for improvement. RSDuck also said that porting the JIT to other architectures, like ARM, should be easy, so we might finally have Switch builds that run at acceptable speeds.

Or, also, Android builds. But, dunno. On one hand, this is a market I want to address, but on the other hand, history from Dolphin has shown that the Android userbase isn't exactly the nicest to deal with, so... yeah. And don't get me started on Android itself and the fun that coding for it is.

But first, let's focus on what we have in front of ourselves.

I'm going to try as hard as I can to fix the audio issues for 0.8.3 (and also add a vsync setting).

We will also be releasing beta builds of the JIT and the DSi branch, for those of you who want to mess around with things.
Guest says:
Jul 24th 2019
@poudnik There is extensive research into ADHD, and since I'm not very good at explaining myself, I'll quote

The Benefits of ADHD

Attention hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a medical condition that affects a person’s ability to focus, pay attention, or control their behavior. Healthcare providers usually diagnose this condition in childhood. However, some people are not diagnosed until adulthood.

The three main characteristics of a person with ADHD are inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. ADHD also can cause a person to experience very high energy levels. Some symptoms associated with ADHD include:

being highly impatient
difficulty performing tasks quietly
difficulty following instructions
trouble waiting for things or showing patience
losing things frequently
often seeming as if they aren’t paying attention
talking seemingly nonstop

There is no definitive test to diagnose ADHD. However, healthcare providers can evaluate children or adults for the condition based on symptoms. A number of treatments are available to improve a person’s concentration and behavior. These include medications and therapy. ADHD is a highly manageable disease. When taught adaptive techniques to help with time management and organization skills, people with ADHD are able to achieve better levels of concentration.

ADHD can be difficult for a person to live with. Some people think those with ADHD are “out of control” or difficult because they have trouble following directions. While ADHD can mean behavioral challenges, having the condition has proven to be an advantage to some.
Celebrities With ADHD

Many people with ADHD have turned their unique behavioral challenges into well-known success. Examples of celebrities whose healthcare providers have diagnosed them with ADHD include:

Adam Levine
Albert Einstein
Channing Tatum
Glenn Beck
James Carville
Justin Timberlake
Karina Smirnoff
Richard Branson
Salvador Dali
Solange Knowles
Ty Pennington
Whoopi Goldberg

Athletes with ADHD also use the extra energy toward their respective fields. Examples of athletes with ADHD include:

swimmer Michael Phelps
soccer goalie Tim Howard
baseball player Shane Victorino
NFL Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw

Personality Strengths and ADHD

Not every person with ADHD has the same personality traits, but there are some personal strengths that can make having the condition an advantage, not a drawback. Examples of these traits include:

energetic: Some with ADHD often have seemingly endless amounts of energy, which they are able to channel toward success on the playing field, school, or work.

spontaneous: Some people with ADHD can turn impulsivity into spontaneity. They may be the life of the party or may be more open and willing to try new things and break free from the status quo.

creative and inventive: Living with ADHD may give the person a different perspective on life and encourage them to approach tasks and situations with a thoughtful eye. As a result, some with ADHD may be inventive thinkers. Others words to describe them may be original, artistic, and creative.

hyperfocused: According to Pepperdine University, some people with ADHD may become hyperfocused. This makes them so intently focused on a task that they may not even notice the world around them. The benefit to this is when given an assignment, a person with ADHD may work at it until its completion without breaking concentration.

As someone who is diagnosed with ADHD, I can testify that this list is correct (and I had only found that page today, while looking for a way to put this subject into words, so I am not saying this as a result of reading the page).
Guest says:
Jul 24th 2019
Sorry, The mouse must have double-clicked again (I need a new mouse, this one gives me issues on a regular basis (almost every time I use it, during next to all the duration of the usage).
AsPika2219 says:
Jul 24th 2019
Oh yeah! JIT!!! :D I will waiting for this!
Arisotura says:
Jul 24th 2019
yeah, ADHD is good when my brain decided to work on something, I guess

the rest of the time? hahahah
MelonMan says:
Jul 24th 2019
Would there be any possibility for an ARM port on Raspberry Pi?
Ridley12 says:
Jul 24th 2019
Arisotura, I feel ya! I have ADHD and Asperger syndrome.
Nyuu says:
Jul 29th 2019
Ty for your hard work
AsPika2219 says:
Jul 29th 2019
I hope may games can run JIT propery, because Desmume have a some buggy with JIT turn on. Poor Zeromus... 😢
SK says:
Jul 30th 2019
Add cheat code function please. Thank you for your effort. Have a nice vacation.
Sukk says:
Jul 30th 2019
"android users" nope, you don't deserve this, this is way too terrible for you to handle
Zinx says:
Jul 31st 2019
Someone told me that the JIT code is the same as desmume's
Generic alias RSDuck says:
Jul 31st 2019
"Someone told me that the JIT code is the same as desmume's"

The JIT is completely written from scratch, except for the code emitter which is from dolphin (it's also used by PPSSPP) and the block cache which is from desmume. The latter is only a very small piece of code and partly modified, so it's unlikely that we inherited bugs this way.

May I ask from where that info came?
Zinx says:
Jul 31st 2019
It was one of the developers of Citra(on their discord).
I think his name was xperia64.
Generic alias RSDuck says:
Jul 31st 2019
thanks. Hm, I just noticed this:
is maybe a bit ambigious :)
Zinx says:
Aug 1st 2019
BTW the RetroArch port is updated to upstream if someone is interested in that.
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