melonDS 0.7.4
Arisotura finally stopped being lazy, among other things, so here we go, we present you melonDS 0.7.4.

This release is hardly going to be revolutionary though, but I had to get it out before starting work on the hardware renderer.

The highlight of this release is the upgrade to the online wifi feature. Two main points there:

1. Under direct mode, you can finally choose which network adapter will be used by libpcap. The wifi settings dialog also shows their MAC and IP as to help you ensure you're picking the right adapter.

2. Indirect mode, which, as mentioned before, works without libpcap and on any connection. However, it's in alpha stages and it's a gross hack in general, so you can feel free to try it out, but don't expect miracles.

As usual, direct mode requires libpcap and an ethernet connection, and that you run melonDS with admin/superuser privileges.

Other than that, there are a few little fixes to the SDL audio code. melonDS now only emits sound when running something, so it shouldn't emit obnoxious noises when starting anymore. Also, it no longer crashes if you use WAV microphone input with a file that has multiple channels.

And other little things.

Now, full steam ahead towards 0.8! Or not quite. I also need to finish the redesign for this site, among other things.


melonDS 0.7.4, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.7.4, Linux 64-bit

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KoRnFan12 says:
Mar 31st 2019
I just started using Melon not long ago, and holy crap do I love it already! *_*
JPUlisses says:
May 24th 2019
It seems you reached the holy grail of having good online wifi. Good job.
Purple says:
Aug 19th 2019
melonDS 0.7.4 does not even work on my 64-bit machine! It does not matter which version i'am running - it every time pops up an error!
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Dec 8th 2019
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