Status updatezorz!
This is the first time I write a blog post in a while, so I will try to keep this short.

First, what's new on my side?

I finished my hearing for the gender marker change thing. You know, so I can get a big fat F on my ID card. You prolly don't care a lot about my trans shenanigans but this means it's one thing out of my way, and we can now proceed to full-speed melonDSing (and hopefully not from a squat, but we're doing our best).

What else is there to say?

I can't keep my focus on one thing aaaaaa

I wanna maaaaaybe try to emulate some new fun shit in melonDS. like the pokémon keyboard thingy.

Wait, no, we need to make DSi emulation better. We can prolly add a file explorer thing, so you can put your DSiware into the thing easily, and idk what other cool features there were. Just suggest them below this post, pretty sure we can get this done together! melonDS will soar through union and friendship!
Masky says:
Mar 27th 2021
Congratulations on the progress you’ve made on melonDS and on you’re life!

Maybe it’s a bit silly to say but, this emulator has really helped me get through these trying times.

Thank you to arisotura and the others in the melinDS team for making it and continually improving it!👍
Nixel says:
Mar 27th 2021
Good to hear things are working out for you! As for feature requests, I'd really like to see Wii connectivity through Dolphin, although that would of course depend on cooperation from their side as well.
keisui says:
Mar 28th 2021
as some have already mentioned , i think adding texture//video//audio replacement and being able to bind touchscreen to controller would be great additions
A dragon says:
Mar 29th 2021
I'd like to see command options that I could set if I set up Steam shortcuts. Example, some games such as Animal Boxing are designed for the DS to be held a certain way. Others such as Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure have a gap between the screens that would be nice to have set when launching the game. I know these are available in the UI, but it would be a nice touch to be able to set these on a per game basis if that makes sense.
that guys n64 says:
Mar 29th 2021
Congrats on getting a big fat F on your id :P actually when i first read the post i was thinking school grades and after just watching helluva boss made me think of the F bomb. so i had to think for a moment on what it really meant XD (no offense sorry lol)

anyways im looking forward to whatever you come up with for melonnds :P
arm7 news says:
Mar 30th 2021
reminder, arm7 boot rom dumper
WaluigiWare64 says:
Mar 30th 2021
arm7 news: Yes we know, PoroCYon is on our IRC channel. They told us straight away.
Saizo7 says:
Mar 30th 2021
Happy birthday Arisotura! And congrats for the big fat F :)
Rin Tohsaka says:
Mar 31st 2021
I don't suppose melonDS has a way to losslessly dump audio like Dolphin does?
Rin Tohsaka says:
Mar 31st 2021
...I really should have elaborated what I mean before hitting that "Post comment" button.

Dolphin has the ability to dump raw PCM audio into a WAV file that a given game outputs to the console before the console and/or your operating system does any resampling or the like. The key point being that bit about resampling, because a lot of game engines can use some pretty wacky internal sampling rates that is different from what the hardware itself outputs - the GameCube and Wii output at either 32KHz or 48KHz, yet a game like F-Zero GX for example actually mixes all of its audio to 32029Hz if Dolphin is to be believed before the console itself resamples to 32KHz or 48KHz.
Dat Guy says:
Mar 31st 2021
It seems someone is working on porting MelonDS to android at, is that something you know about? Is it someone working with you or is it their own project?
Grimtoast says:
Mar 31st 2021
how do AR cheats supposed to work on melonDS because no matter what I try I can't get it to work.
Tomb says:
Mar 31st 2021
Texture replacement plz
WaluigiWare64 says:
Mar 31st 2021
Dat Guy: yes we know about it. That is their own project and we are not involved with it.
^.^ says:
Mar 31st 2021
Firstly: congrats girl!
Secondly: did you find anything interesting about the nds DSi bootrom? ;)
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