melonDS 0.9 is out!
It's been forever, but, finally, here it is. melonDS 0.9.

And it's big.

So, what are the highlights of this release?

- JIT recompiler

Brought to you by Generic (aka RSDuck), the new JIT recompiler enables melonDS to run much faster, and quite often reach fullspeed even when emulating DSi titles!

There are a few settings you can try out to get the most out of this JIT. While it has been heavily tested and worked on, it's still imperfect.

- DSi emulation

This is the other flagship feature of this release: melonDS now emulates the DSi!

You will need a NAND and firmware dump from your DSi, as well as augmented BIOS dumps (such as those that NO$GBA requires). The following BIOS dumper can dump the required BIOS files from a homebrew-enabled DSi.

Do note that this is still experimental. For one, direct boot will not work under DSi mode. Not everything is running yet, either, but we're getting there. melonDS does not yet emulate some hardware like the DSi cameras (but on the other hand, emulates DSi wifi).

melonDS has a small hack to bypass the region check. However, DSiware titles can't be run standalone yet, they will need to be installed to the NAND.

- GBA slot support

melonDS now supports loading a GBA ROM to simulate having a cartridge in the GBA slot. This is done by selecting a .gba file while your game is running. Note that we don't support emulating the GBA in any way.

We also support the Boktai solar sensor addon. Support for more addons is planned.

- New Qt UI

This means we get to do more without needing to work around the limitations that libui had. For the end user, this also means a bigger binary, but on the other hand, on Windows, all the dependencies are linked statically, so melonDS does not come with external DLLs anymore.

The new interface adds features that were long requested: for example, you can open the emu settings dialog to point melonDS at your desired BIOS/firmware/etc files, without needing to move/rename them around.

- Cheats

This is another popular request, and here it is. melonDS lets you enter Action Replay codes to mess with your games in whatever ways you want.


melonDS now supports letting homebrew access files and directories on a SD card image. Note that for now, you will need to provide an image file, melonDS does not yet build such images on the fly like DeSmuME can do.

Similarly, you can also use a SD card image to emulate the console's SD card in DSi mode.

- and the rest!

As usual, there are plenty of little improvements with this melonDS release, that are too many to list here, but you may discover them on your own! Or find them in the changelog (which we are still busy compiling - it's a big release).


melonDS 0.9, Windows 64-bit
melonDS 0.9, Linux 64-bit

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Rizaia says:
Sep 5th 2020
Hi, first of all congrats on getting the update done and released.

I am facing a couple issues with this update and I don't know if they're intended or bugs. They weren't issues in last version of melonDS as all of this worked correctly before:
I mapped some buttons to numpad keys, for example A button is mapped to num6, but the emulator doesn't seem to detect my numpad inputs while in the game. (keys like WASD work fine)
Also when setting screengap to 64 pixels, the gap shown is WAY BIGGER than the gap shown in the previous version of the emulator.
That's all :)
Khyze says:
Sep 5th 2020
Congratulations, perfomance seemed to get better, I think I can't use the numpad for the keys... And wifi isn't working yet (in previous version I managed to open Ben 10 with bugs, but this time I couldn't do it), I have to add that I use the same exact .exe, I do use a copied ROM (for diferent saves)
Klauserus says:
Sep 5th 2020

At first: You are awesome. it be better and better, but my openGL problem wasn´t fixed. sad.
Look at this Video:

WarSlay says:
Sep 5th 2020
Really amazing work!!

but i see that pokemon black and white and the 2 versions are not playable
turvy says:
Sep 5th 2020
Same problem as Rizaia here.

Any buttons I mapped to numpad just don't work.

Also, when setting screen gap to 8, it adds black borders to the sides of the rendered image. I'm not sure if this was intentional.

Everything else just works beautifully, though.
Qt3.14 says:
Sep 5th 2020
The Downloads section is missing melonDS 0.9
Z1proW says:
Sep 6th 2020
Maybe add it in downloads section ;)
Foxergamer#1 says:
Sep 7th 2020
The resolution upscaling doesn't work
turvy says:
Sep 7th 2020
update : the screen gap fixed itself when I changed directories to finally replace Desmume with this. I have no idea why but it did. O_o Oh well, not to look a gift horse in the mouth....

Props to you for the JIT though. The fast forward function actually feels like fast forwarding now, I just can't go back to the other emulators with this lol.

Numpad not working remains an issue.
phoenix3934 says:
Sep 7th 2020
The 3D upscaling doesn't work on a few games likes Loveplus, Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden, Tales of Innocence
Also, can you add in more screen sizing options likes Desmume? As it is, the sub screen is either too small in "emphasize" or too large in "even".
Foxergamer1 says:
Sep 7th 2020
Yeah, that's what I said. It doesn't work for every game for me
poudink says:
Sep 7th 2020
That's because of display capture. Currently, melonDS is unable to display capture at higher resolutions than 1x, so anything rendered from display capture is rendered at 1x. Display capture is used extensively by games with dual screen 3D or which make use of multipass rendering, though there are other uses.
Arisotura says:
Sep 7th 2020
I'm hoping to finally take care of that within the next releases, as well as finish the experimental xBRz filter stuff that was in the blackmagicII branch.
Waligie says:
Sep 8th 2020
ok i'm back. it's been months.
sorry for forgeting about MelonDS. Also hope you're doing well during the quarantine.
Dale. says:
Sep 8th 2020
Amazing work!!
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