You may be aware of what's going on in USA. I'm not going to go in detail over this, but I'm going to state that I stand with the protesters. For the end of racist policing, for the end of capitalism.

Other than that, little status update on melonDS. We're going to merge the JIT branch for 0.9. I figured that it would be easier to merge the DSi branch first, so I've been updating it. I'm going to clean it up some and fix a few things to make it good for a release.

The Qt UI is also nearly complete. All that remains to be done is the cheat interface and taking care of VSync. The other issues have been solved, including the one where the final executable required 25 DLLs -- by using the qt5-static package for MSYS2, I managed to get it down to a standalone executable that is about 21MB in size.
Arisotura says:
May 31st 2020
KostaSaizo7: we'll try getting wifi better, but local multiplayer is going to be difficult to get working better without large structural changes (like running two melonDS instances in lockstep).
KostaSaizo7 says:
May 31st 2020
I have been observing DS emulation since the early days of iDeaS and you have come the closest to achieve functional multiplayer in 15 years of attempts. I was amazed when 3DS multiplayer was (steadily) emulated before DS multiplayer. Have you ever looked Citra's source code? Is this how Citra multiplayer works (two instances in lockstep)? Is the 3DS communication all that different from DS's?
Arisotura says:
May 31st 2020
I don't know how Citra's works. but, on the DS, it's tricky. two main reasons:

* lack of documentation about the wifi hardware's local-multiplayer features, which are required
* the local-multiplayer protocol requires tight timing
Generic aka RSDuck says:
May 31st 2020
multiplayer on 3ds is different. While the hardware is similar to the DSi wifi, on 3DS the entire network hardware is abstracted away by the operating system, so the way they access the internet is similar to applications on a regular computer. Additionally the 3DS processor is a lot faster and due to the role of caches and the branch predictor it's speed in relation to the rest of the hardware can vary even on hardware a lot. This means that programs can't rely on super exact timing anymore, which in turn means you don't need to get the timing 100% right.
Fakuretsu says:
May 31st 2020
Dang, I wasn't expecting people to get so salty, I mean, I was a bit disapointed for the mention (But I didn't knew much about it) is just one paragraph out of three (+Title), I'm just glad about the news lol, I don't care if you support Trump, hate LBGDT, believe in a god or whatever, if you want to write about it when delivering news, is fine by me :P (Mostly looking for local multiplayer btw, I don't mind two MelonDS opened, thats how most emulators I saw deal with it, even emulated consoles add some kind of "netplay" to get them to open another emulator just to play in two different places.)
good riddance bigots says:
May 31st 2020
Glad all the racists out themselves so easily.
good riddance bigots says:
May 31st 2020
Also the irony of claiming emulators are apolitical and then vowing to never use melonDS again b/c of a message promoting compassion is incredible.
bro says:
May 31st 2020
Enjoy the gulags, terrorist scum.
thatguys64 says:
Jun 1st 2020
i agree. everyone should be treated equal i honestly don't understand why people do this crap and why we cant all get along. i never look down on another race color gender etc.

However i am completely against the fact that these protestors tend to get carried away and destroy the town in the process. they should speak their mind but it shouldn't always have to lead to stuff blowing up and burning down.

Arisotura i very much enjoy your work that you put into this emulator and i understand your thoughts on the BLM matter but this isnt the place to post about that. if you tarnish yourself people will leave. trust me you dont want a bad reputation. people can be touchy with politics. and from my experience people remember the bad a lot more than the good on people.

Anyways keep up the good work! i look forward to the next release and more status updates!
ari says:
Jun 1st 2020
"Communism". "Terrorism". Right. Feel free to criticize communists from the comfort of your free country. Free because 27 million Russians died defending the world from Nazis to turn the tides of WW2. The US? Sat back and watched then came in at the end to side with the victors.
Terrorism. Right. It's ok that the US bombs the Middle East endlessly, trying to overthrow their regime. It's not ok when they send one bombing mission back. Don't enter the ring if you're too baby to get hit.
Close your mouth and open your eyes, read a damn book.
turvy says:
Jun 1st 2020
I'm not sure if I should be amused or disappointed in humanity by the amount of people coming in here trying to pressure you by going "I'm not going to use MelonDS anymore!" like everyone should care about that, while also telling you not to care about things that are important to you.

I'm looking forward to 0.9, and may you always have the courage to make a stand for what you believe in.
dudebro says:
Jun 1st 2020
I'm an American, believe in free speech, don't agree with all of Ari's political stances, and understand how racist, oppressive and destructive capitalism is, especially the current American hegemonic version. Inchoate protest politics and antifa street-fighting and bank burning accomplish nothing but momentary catharsis, only an actual political movement with revolutionary goals and methods, based in the international working class can accomplish the change needed for humanity to survive the coming centuries.

Anyway, the comments here are hilarious. Love the logic of "don't ever mention politics, I can't use your emulator anymore even though it's the best because you mentioned politics (that I don't agree with)" especially after your Gilets Jaunes posts.

Keep up the good work, maintain your principles, allow for maturation and self-reflection, and never feed nor nor surrender to right-wing trolls.

En solidarité des Etats-unis
CE says:
Jun 1st 2020
Imagine arguing about politics on a website dedicated to an emulator for a 15 year-old portable. Regardless of whether or not you agree with Arisotura, arguing is meaningless. Nobody is going to be convinced with short arguments from anons on a website that isn't even remotely designed for that purpose. If you find that you can't support Arisotura's work any longer because of her position, then that's your right. Certainly nobody will force you to support MelonDS. If you are strongly in support of Arisotura's position, then that's fine too. I can say with near certainty that you won't be able to convince anybody who disagrees here, however.
Clap clap says:
Jun 1st 2020
Just so you know, you aren’t a hero for posting this. Saying “I support you” on an emulation blog is the internet equivalent of “I’ll pray for you.” You’re just like all the other armchair activists that will do nothing of substance for their beliefs. You could have not posted this and nothing would have changed for the movement. It’s pretty easy to see you’ve only done this to feel better about yourself for not indulging in the privilege you talked about. Congrats, you achieved your goal, a bunch of usernames are patting your back and giving you stickers for a job well done.
Tt says:
Jun 1st 2020
Wel... I was going to start using your emulator after 0.9 gets released and that's not gonna change. However, I was also considering donating but that's totally not gonna happen now.

Still, good luck with your project, I'll be following progress and hope I don't have to read more societal/political stuff on here, especially extreme left-wing crap.
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