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Posted on 09-30-20 04:31 PM, in Light additions to MelonDS which would be sweet Link | #2470
I'd like to add another, similarly small thing to this list - remembering Screen Sizing alongside Screen Rotation.

Some games, such as Rhythm Heaven's DS installment, are made to be played with the screen horizontally; Others such as Bowser's Inside Story will sometimes ask you to switch how the DS is held. This is easily accomplished with the Screen Rotation section of the Config tab, but the screens will be majorly compressed to fit the vertical sizing until you manually re-set the Screen Sizing option and vice-versa with transferring back to vertical layout. It'd be a minor detail, but having the emulator recognize the different window configuration on using the Rotate option and applying the proper size option automatically would be a nice QoL feature.

DeSmuME does this in its current stable release, but I do prefer MelonDS overall and think it'd be nice to bring this suggestion over to here.

Posted on 09-30-20 04:39 PM, in (because every board needs one) The introductions thread Link | #2472
Name's V1ral! I'd been using DeSmuME for a while before being recommended this project, and it's just... far better to use. Configuration stuff is less confusing for me, it's much faster to initially set up, and the wifi features should really open up options for my friends and I to have other games to play over the 'net. I'll be glad to see how this project grows in the future! :D

Main - Posts by V1ral

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