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Posted on 06-11-17 03:07 PM, in melonDS UI Link | #186
I think either a single screen with menus, kinda like desmume, or a single screen where the menus appear on a hotkey, like ZSNES
But that would probably force you to use SDL for the UI, creating a lot more work.

Posted on 06-11-17 03:10 PM, in System Requirement Link | #187
Great! Do you think melonDS will overtake Desmume in terms of speed this year?

Posted on 06-12-17 01:19 PM, in MelonDS Subreddit Link | #188
Does anyone want a melonDS subreddit?

Posted on 07-05-17 03:00 PM, in Link to Melonds IRC? (rev. 2 of 07-14-17 01:33 PM) Link | #249
Apparently my IP is blocked due to DroneBL. Any idea how to get it unblocked?

Posted on 07-14-17 02:06 PM, in (because every board needs one) The introductions thread Link | #255
Hi. I like vim. This is some introduction text. Here is some more.

Main - Posts by segfault

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