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Posted on 06-19-20 10:40 PM, in How to connect to others? Link | #1895
Any way to connect to another emulator locally or online, or connect to a ds/dsi etc locally? The game I'm trying to play is New Super Mario Bros. (the Mario vs. Luigi mode). Couldn't find anything (that I understood, at least).

Posted on 06-19-20 10:55 PM, in Red lines everywhere (rev. 4 of 06-20-20 02:52 PM) Link | #1896
downloaded this, downloaded New Super Mario Bros., everything is fine. Start up a game, it's fine. world map is fine. Enter a level? there are red lines everyone covering the screen. Anyone know the reason/how to fix?
Edit: this is top screen only, once it happens it stays like this until going into a new menu
Edit 2: also happens in mario vs luigi mode. Image:
When the screen goes black it ssems to be fine, and pipes don't seem to get covered.

Posted on 06-20-20 03:01 PM, in Red lines everywhere Link | #1899
Posted by Generic aka RSDuck
this is a known bug with the OpenGL renderer on certain GPUs. Try switching to the software renderer.

This worked! Thank you!

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