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Posted on 11-18-19 05:16 PM, in Feature Request: Command Line Use (rev. 2 of 11-18-19 05:17 PM) Link | #1369
Hi, I'm qashto I created Nostlan which is a frontend for video game emulators. I would like to have Nostlan support melonDS instead of Desmume. But right now it seems melonDS lacks the ability to start games via the command line. I'd also like melonDS to go fullscreen. Love this app but please add command line functionality!

Posted on 11-18-19 10:28 PM, in Feature Request: Command Line Use Link | #1372
thanks for the quick response! I tried to run melonDS.exe with a game from git Bash on windows but since the game file name had single quotes in it, it wasn't working. It ran fine on powershell and on Git Bash if I edited the single quotes out of the file name. Not a problem for loading games in node.js though. I've decided to switch support to melonDS! Excited for the fullscreen feature. Let me know when you release it :)

Posted on 02-23-20 05:35 PM, in Feature Request: Command Line Use Link | #1502
Feature Request: Command line option to identify a game by printing the game ID to the console.

This would make it much easier for my frontend app Nostlan to identify games without using the file name! Let me know if this is something you'd be willing to implement.

Main - Posts by qashto

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