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Posted on 10-12-19 11:25 AM, in The Compatibility Thread Link | #1295
Posted by Sorer
From one of the links you provided it seems like a GPU problem : .
Hope it could be fixed one day.

The problem in melonDS is another one. It constantly reconfigures the MMU, which triggers the recalculation of a lot of stuff which normally is only done once at the start. Though when looked at the problem, I tried the game in desmume (latest from git) and it worked fine there.

Posted by Lestari
its my 1st post/reply,

I just played Devil Survivor 2
in game text is better in melon (SS below)
( i don't know how to upload SS, lol)

but when widening the screen the image pixel? breaks
- - -
Are there plans to make add choice screen size 1.5x?
because 1x too small and 2x is too big for my laptop screen.

If you use the software renderer you can try enabling filtering. This makes the image a bit blurry, but it usually looks better than non filtered scaling at any non integer scale.

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 11-15-19 06:33 PM, in Pokemon HeartGold and Platinum won't load correctly Link | #1354
if you're using the OpenGL renderer it's likely a driver bug.

If you do use the OGL renderer, can you try switching to the software renderer by going to Config->Video Settings then select Software. It shouldn't matter if OpenGL display is enabled.

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 11-15-19 07:03 PM, in Pokemon HeartGold and Platinum won't load correctly Link | #1356
Can you name me your graphics card?

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 11-26-19 03:48 PM, in Building melonDS for macOS (rev. 3 of 11-26-19 03:52 PM) Link | #1388
bumping a post because you didn't receive an answer in a few hours is considered rude in a lot of online forums.

I don't like making posts without actual content, so let me rant a bit about this. Like many open source projects melonDS only has a single lead developer Arisotura, in melonDS's case there's also me working on specific things like the JIT and there's the occasional pull request on github. MacOS is niche, while it might be more common among hipster web developers it's even less common among people working on emulators than it's share on the total pc market. Not only that but apple doesn't do developers a favor. They get away with this on the phone market, where they have a share big enough. But on the desktop market they only hurt themselves by cutting support for OpenGL or requiring to use objective-C, besides other things.

Microsoft gives out free VM images for web developers to test how well they're websites run in internet explorer or edge. Admittedly that's not microsofts effort, but it's possible to cross compile application from linux to windows. What do you have to do if you don't have a mac and want to compile mac applications, besides buying one? Setting up a mac os installation in various shady ways, I hope you see my point.

Main - Posts by Generic aka RSDuck

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