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Posted on 09-01-19 06:57 PM, in How to update the emulator? Link | #1206
Hey, sorry if this is a dumb post however I just want to be cautious.

So i am currently running 0.7.3 and would like to update the emulator to see if it fixes some issues I have and mainly to see if I can use Memory Link in Pokemon Black 2

However I am unsure if it is as simple as delete the old files and replace with the new or if it will mess up my saves if I do it wrong.

Posted on 09-01-19 07:39 PM, in How to update the emulator? Link | #1208
Hey, just updated and it seems to work fine, I only loaded up Pokemon Black as well as loaded a save and save state for Black 2 but they worked. Any problems I might have I will cross those bridges when I get to them. The one thing I would like to ask if I may is if I can make the system recognize a game and its save file in the ds card slot so I can use Memory Link in Pokemon Black and White 1/2 or if I can't if a update might allow that? Don't know if I should have made a new thread for that question or if it's fine here.

Main - Posts by Corrupt

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