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Posted on 06-12-19 05:23 PM, in Cheats in melonDS (rev. 2 of 06-12-19 05:24 PM) Link | #1089
Could you add support to cheats like those from the RetroArch software?
It would be great since RetroArch or Lakka don't keep the emulators updated.

Posted on 06-19-19 07:45 PM, in Cheats in melonDS (rev. 3 of 06-19-19 07:45 PM) Link | #1105
I don't know. I just think it's funny.

Posted on 06-19-19 07:47 PM, in DSi bios and firmware support Link | #1106
Hello guys,
I would wan to know if you're going to support the BIOS7.bin BIOS9.bin and FIRMWARE.bin of the Nintendo DSi (not the DSi enhanced)?
I tried my own software files in melonDS the other days and I get a white screen and a lot of creepy logs files.

Posted on 06-21-19 10:12 AM, in DSi bios and firmware support (rev. 2 of 06-21-19 10:12 AM) Link | #1122
I read what you said on the other thread.
Does it means that I cant dump the full BIOS and firmware files from the DSi (even with my r4i-sdmc card?)

Posted on 03-26-20 06:22 PM, in Request - SRL ROM file compatibility Link | #1571
I was able to dump some NDS games, like Mario Kart DS, from a Wii U.
However those games are in SRL file format.
Could you make this file format playable in melonDS.
This file format is working in DeSmuME so maybe you can look at them code.


Posted on 03-27-20 09:10 AM, in Request - SRL ROM file compatibility (rev. 4 of 03-27-20 11:18 AM) Link | #1573
I tried to change the extension but the game was stuck on blank screen (not loading at all).
However it was working fine in DeSmuME.

I was able to make SRL game work in melonDS :
Step 1 (Optional) - If you want, rename the .srl ROM it to .nds.
Step 2 Uncheck the "Boot game directly" option in "Emu settings" menu.
Step 3 (Optional) - Load the .srl in melonDS trough drag n drop or "Open ROM" menu.
Step 4 - Enjoy !

In DeSmuME, it will work even if the game isn't launched trough firmware :
"Boot from firmware (like the NDS)" option could be checked or unchecked and the game will work.

I think it's because DeSmuME have native compatibility with SRL files but not melonDS.
So melonDS need to launch the game trough the NDS firmware.

Posted on 03-31-20 10:18 AM, in Request - SRL ROM file compatibility (rev. 3 of 03-31-20 10:23 AM) Link | #1590
So, any idea for fixing it?
I've 4 ideas :
A- Check the code of DeSmuME to know how they fixed this.
B- Boot the firmware without displaying it, when it's booted go to directly to the game (maybe by doing 2 "virtual" mouse click).
C- Add code that can decrypt secure area. Maybe DSi SRL Extractor?
D- Use a database of already decrypted ROMs secure area and use those ones instead of the encrypted ones.

Posted on 03-31-20 10:23 AM, in Request - SRL ROM file compatibility Link | #1592

Main - Posts by FellFromTheSky

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