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Posted on 12-11-18 10:34 PM, in Battery Save Issue [SOLVED] (rev. 3 of 12-12-18 05:18 PM) Link | #795
Hey there, I'm having an issue with trying to import a save from DeSmuMe to Melon. My process has been to take the .dsv from DeSmuMe, trim it where it says to, then save it as a .sav file. However, when I boot up the game, Kingdom Hearts re:Coded, it tells me that the save data is corrupt on the file select menu. I tried messing with some of the text in there, but that's only made the game freak out and not even want to go past an error screen. It could be because DeSmuMe has weird stuff going on with battery saves, but hopefully that doesn't make things fully incompatible. I do have save states from DMM that I could try to use too, but I don't know if those are at all compatible with Melon. I'm currently using Melon 0.7 as 0.7.1 wasn't wanting to run for me, and I can provide any files or further information needed to help as well.

EDIT: I have fixed the issue! I tried opening the file in an online hex editor and noticed that once the DMM footer was removed that a spot was missing on the bottom line. I filled it in with FF, as the save file was entirely that value for a long while before that. After launching in Melon, the save file was completely intact! I hadn't used the second slot, however, and its save data is read as corrupt, but I achieved what I wanted.

Posted on 12-12-18 08:34 AM, in Battery Save Issue [SOLVED] (rev. 2 of 12-12-18 05:18 PM) Link | #798
That makes a lot of sense. I'm not sure if this is true of all .dsvs but it looks like the first pipe in the DeSmuMe footer should be replaced with something after the entire footer is deleted for it to be truly compatible. If it's relevant to you to have a solution people can try for save file transfers I can see if this is a pattern. I saw someone with a similar problem in another thread so that might be a general troubleshooting recommendation you can put if you haven't already.

Posted on 12-12-18 05:10 PM, in Battery Save Issue [SOLVED] Link | #800
Posted by extherian
DeSmuME can export .sav files natively by selecting "Export Backup Memory" from the File menu while a game is running. Unfortunately, DeSmuME often creates the wrong file size and it can't be read in melonDS. Out of the four ROMs I exported .sav files from, only two could be successfully imported into melonDS.

That said, try exporting a .sav file from Kingdom Hearts re:Coded using DeSmuME and see if it works.

Exporting from File --> Export Backup Memory worked without a hitch, with the second file being empty rather than corrupt.

I'm now wondering if the error I experienced last night {and possibly that others have experienced} came from Notepad {or DeSmuMe} somehow losing a byte, as this time I put the .dsv directly into the hex editor rather than the .sav I made it into by simply trimming the footer, and now instead of the footer's first pipe starting at 0x0000FFFF, it's now at 0x00010000. I'm just going to chalk that up to either my error or Notepad interpreting something wrong due to the encoding. I'm thinking the practical advice here would be to recommend the use of a hex editor instead of a text editor to snip footers from .dsv files or to just press that export button.

Posted on 12-12-18 07:15 PM, in Battery Save Issue [SOLVED] Link | #802
Posted by StapleButter
saving binary files with Notepad is a bad idea, it turns all zero bytes into 0x20, wrecking the file

Welp, you learn something new every day. Now I know to just go with the online hex editor I've found if I need to do that, though maybe I should actually install a program that works better with binary files if I'm going to continue messing around with these.

Posted on 12-21-18 03:04 PM, in Battery Save Issue [SOLVED] Link | #821
Glad I could help!

Posted on 12-21-18 06:03 PM, in NDS Save File Converter Link | #823
This is neat! There's actually a little more going on than you claim, since DeSmuME puts their saves in a completely different file format, .dsv. I'd be happy to help you test it with some of my save files once I get a chance.

Posted on 12-21-18 06:49 PM, in NDS Save File Converter Link | #825
That's fair, but it's still a little something more than he gave himself credit for

Posted on 12-29-18 03:32 PM, in MelonDS creating multiple saves that game can't load Link | #834
If you want a specific state's save to be your main save once you toggle that option, just remove the .ml# part of the filename

Posted on 01-05-19 08:41 PM, in Question about gba/ds rng Link | #842
I have heard that the RNG is based on the system clock, though I could just be misremembering. I heard this from a Werster HeartGold speedrun. However, each different game probably has a different RNG system.

Posted on 01-07-19 06:41 PM, in Question about gba/ds rng Link | #848
I imagine it's something worth looking into down the line, but I could only speculate with what little I know.

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