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Posted on 11-19-18 03:35 PM, in Android port Link | #755
Nice work on this. It's really weird that the performance is so bad... I skimmed over your code and nothing jumps out to me as something that would cause slowdown. I wouldn't expect it to reach full speed, but I would expect it to be much faster than this. I have a Switch port of melonDS (check it out here) and it doesn't run full speed, but it runs pretty good considering the Switch hardware and desktop melonDS performance. I have a similar setup too; drawing the framebuffer with OpenGL, and emulation and audio on a separate thread. So I can only imagine it would be a problem with the Java code. Wonky Android stuff, or some weird thread priority issue maybe? I have some Android experience, I'd be interested in taking a look at your code if you upload it all and maybe help find the problem.

Posted on 11-19-18 05:10 PM, in Android port Link | #757
Posted by StapleButter
might just be that some OpenGL drivers for Android are total shit. dunno tho.

Android is crap too tbh.

but, like...


maybe this is not running in performance mode or whatever.

I don't know shit about Android.

True, OpenGL drivers on Android are usually pretty bad. But for just drawing the framebuffer (and on a separate thread no less) it really shouldn't affect performance too much. Some sort of performance throttling could be happening, but that usually doesn't kick in until something's been running for a little while and the CPU starts to heat up. But yeah, there are so many Android devices out there and some do stupid shit with performance so it very well could be that.

Posted on 11-21-18 11:55 PM, in Android port Link | #759
Posted by MAGNUM_PT
After remembering that doing a release build could a good idea, I managed to get between 20 to 30 FPS when starting the game. However, it quickly goes down back to 10 FPS. I will try to upload the frontend code today.

Lol, debug build will do that to you. The release build FPS drop sounds like aggressive performance throttling. How long does it take before the FPS drops? When you upload the frontend code I'll give it a compile and test performance on my OnePlus 5T.

Posted on 11-25-18 05:57 PM, in Android port Link | #765
Posted by MAGNUM_PT
The frontend source code has been (finally) published. You can find it here:

A testing build can be found here:

You will need to have the BIOS files (arm7, arm9 and firmware) in a directory to be able to use the emulator.

Thanks. I ran the test build and noticed a few things:
-Sound works, even though your readme says it doesn't?
-On my phone, 2D performance is at least double my Switch build but 3D performance is only slightly better. Threaded rendering should be enabled by default, so there's probably something in your thread implementation that could be optimized.
-I had a save file already that I tried to use, but it wasn't loaded. My guess is that you didn't pass the right SRAM path to the LoadROM function?

I haven't looked at the code yet, but I'll try to look into these things after I finish some of my pesky assignments.

Posted on 12-13-18 12:25 PM, in 7.1 Test Thread Link | #809
Posted by T3st3r
I was hoping you had special games with features that you would like to have tested. Games with special accuraty or timings / glitches what ever. Games with Problems

We have to test the games to find the problems!

Posted on 06-19-19 09:08 PM, in 0.8 Switch? Link | #1109
If you check the GBAtemp thread, I posted a 0.8.1 build somewhere in the replies. I'm not making it official yet, because like Arisotura said, we're having some trouble with the GL renderer. Well... you'll see if you try it.

Posted on 10-24-19 05:16 PM, in Controller malfunction but touchscreen works Link | #1337
Yeah. Try my latest build here, or try the experimental JIT build on GBAtemp here. You can also direct future questions specific to the Switch to the GBAtemp thread, if you'd like.

Posted on 06-20-20 07:30 PM, in posting from the DSi browser Link | #1902
maybe you're just slow

Posted on 06-20-20 07:37 PM, in posting from the DSi browser Link | #1906
Arisotura: no u

Congrats though, this is really cool :D

Posted on 07-02-20 07:05 PM, in About the ARM7 Coprocessor Link | #1996
Technically you can run whatever you want on the ARM7, but accessing certain hardware must be done with the processor that its I/O registers are mapped to. For example, the ARM9 has access to the graphics engines, and the ARM7 has access to audio. You could manipulate audio data on the ARM9, but the ARM7 would still need to pass it to the hardware. Similarly, you could prepare a list of 3D geometry commands on the ARM7, but the ARM9 would need to send them to the geometry engine.

Most commercial games probably don't use the ARM7 much because they rely on Nintendo's SDK, which seems to prefer doing everything on the ARM9 whenever possible. If it wasn't for GBA backwards compatability, I bet they wouldn't have even included the ARM7 in the first place.

Main - Posts by Hydr8gon

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