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Posted on 03-09-19 09:09 PM, in Struggling to understand melonDS multiplayer... Link | #894
I'm new to using melonDS, and I was hoping to use it for DS multiplayer.

I've been browsing the forums, and I've been confused about how exactly multiplayer works on melonDS in practice.

Is it possible for multiplayer emulation to work between two separate computers? If so, what steps do I need to take to make that happen?

Sorry if this has already been asked-- I tried to find the answer myself but couldn't find anything.

Posted on 03-09-19 11:51 PM, in Struggling to understand melonDS multiplayer... Link | #896
Thanks for the quick response. With regards to the timing you mentioned: is that less important with turn-based games like Pokémon, or is it important for all games?

Main - Posts by Paterick

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