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Posted on 01-10-18 08:00 PM, in SM64DS Download Play? Link | #494
DS Download Play works fine for NSMBDS but it doesn't seem to work for SM64DS (freezes on loading screen).

Why is this?

Posted on 01-10-18 09:33 PM, in SM64DS Download Play? Link | #496
The ROMs are good, they were fresh downloads. Tested it with the U and E versions.

I'm gonna guess that the FPS can't drop at all for SM64DS and that's why transferring data doesn't work properly, as the FPS is never a solid 60.

Posted on 07-22-18 12:02 PM, in RAM Watch/Search Link | #637
Any plans for a RAM Watch/Search like DeSmuME?

Not sure if this has been asked already, sorry if it has!

Main - Posts by Shane

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