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Posted on 01-03-18 09:35 AM, in (because every board needs one) The introductions thread (rev. 2 of 01-31-18 11:01 AM) Link | #480
hello !
I'm here because I would love to understand the work you are doing by creating an emulator. I am a hard novice about all does things, I'd like to help you as much as I can but I am not really documented in the subject.
If you have some tutorial to make me learn so I can help or stuff to test and make some report, I am interested ^^.
For now I am learning c++ (I am more looking after the differences between python and c++ than really learn it) and making test whit the melonds multiplayer system.

Posted on 01-31-18 11:00 AM, in (because every board needs one) The introductions thread Link | #518
Thank you StapleButter !
Yes, from what I understood emulation is to make the bios use some virtual elements mounted by a program.
Also if I guessed right the bios is compiled and can't be read so emulaters have to input some datas and try to understand outputs.
But I am maybe totaly wrong X)

Posted on 02-06-18 06:20 AM, in Melon DS 0.6 download issue (rev. 4 of 02-06-18 07:01 AM) Link | #527
We saw your message, it is useless to spam the oder subjects ^^.
But if you need some help you have to be more precise in your exposition of the problem and your advance !
I would love to help you but I need more informations, here are some few questions :
1-Have you a 64 bit operating system ?
2-Have you downloaded the bios and the firmware ?
3-Did you successfully unzip all folders ?
4-Did you created a folder to contain all the melonDS program files, the bios and the firmware renammed as sinept mentionned it ?
5-Did you launch melonDS.exe and what happened ?

Posted on 02-26-18 03:22 PM, in My Wifi isnt working Link | #544
wifi works only with 2 emulators currently...

Main - Posts by leptiphoenix

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