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Posted on 07-02-20 02:59 PM, in Gameplay issues. Link | #1992
The software renderer with multithreading is often faster than the OpenGL renderer at 1x resolution. Also try seeing if enabling/disabling OpenGL display improves performance. Otherwise, either wait for the JIT to be merged as RSDuck suggested or download the JIT prerelease build from here:
Do note that it is glitchier and probably slower than building from the latest JIT branch commit.

Posted on 07-04-20 07:06 PM, in Do You Have Ideas For Video Games Consoles? Link | #2014
I remember I came up with an idea for a portable/home console hybrid when I was in fourth grade six or seven years ago. it was a handheld you could plug into your TV and plug a controller into to play on the couch.

Posted on 08-06-20 01:33 AM, in Discord Link | #2173
melonDS is one of the more popular DS emulators already. Not as much as DeSmuME yet, but still. I don't think a Discord would be necessary for it to catch on. I use Discord a ton, but I'm 100% fine with melonDS not having one. A forum is more suited for this kind of project, anyway, and if you absolutely must have a chat room, irc is there for that.

Posted on 08-11-20 12:13 AM, in Outdated thread of mine Link | #2195
Welp, here goes.
*Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
*Mario Kart DS
*Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story
*Kirby Superstar Ultra
*Mario Party DS
*Pokémon Heartgold/Soulsilver
*Picross 3D
*Warioware Touched

If we're counting romhacks and homebrew, then:
*Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
*Super Mario Bros. The New Worlds
*Ermii Kart DS
*Super Mario 256 (Demo)
*Adventure Super Mario Bros. (Demo)

Posted on 08-11-20 09:47 PM, in Outdated thread of mine Link | #2223
to be fair, I'm not that big of a pokemon fan either. heartgold was my first DS game and first pokemon game though, so I couldn't help recommending it.

Posted on 08-12-20 05:25 PM, in Deleting your own thread Link | #2226
it's not possible, and your thread's fine honestly.

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 09-06-20 12:25 PM, in Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii Connectivity Link | #2282
From what has been said, melonDS already sends the information. Dolphin just needs to be able to receive it.

Posted on 09-07-20 03:12 PM, in Compiling wishlist for melonDS 0.9.1 Link | #2292
Not working for me. The key gets mapped but is unusable in-game.

Posted on 09-13-20 10:20 PM, in I cant start a gba rom on melonDs Link | #2326
melonDS can't play Game Boy Advance games. It can only use them to the extent that DS games use them, like to transfer Pokémons and stuff.

Posted on 09-18-20 02:18 PM, in Drastic to melonDS Link | #2365
you can't transfer save states. you can transfer saves though
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