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Posted on 03-25-19 07:44 PM Link | #914
i need some help. Everytime i try to connect to the internet, i get an error code with the numbers 52000. Any help?

Posted on 03-25-19 09:04 PM Link | #915
Are you running melonDS in admin mode?

Posted on 03-26-19 12:44 AM Link | #916
If you gonna use non-direct mode it only works with Wiimmfi's DNS(not kaeru) for now.
For direct-mode you need npcap installed with winpcap API compatibility mode enabled in the installation options.

Posted on 03-26-19 06:49 PM Link | #917
what is non direct mode. Is it when u use admin mode or something else?

Posted on 03-26-19 08:47 PM Link | #918
Non-direct mode is feature of the emulator that allows(besides other things) you to connect to the WFC without having to use admin mode, it only works on wimmfi DNS as stated above tho. For the direct mode(enabled by default) you have to run the emulator on admin mode.

Posted on 03-26-19 09:47 PM Link | #919
How can i turn this feature on? And i downloaded the new version of melon ds and now the error code is 20100. And my discord tag is TheMagic1#3748 if you want to dont want to wait for a whole hour to respond.

Posted on 03-27-19 05:48 AM Link | #920
My bad, apparently the non-direct mode is now enabled by default(the one that only works on wimmfi)
Hmmm, now instead of not finding an access point, it's simply not being able to connect(thus giving the error 20100). This could be some server side issue. Which server are you trying to use anyways?
I recommend you to use direct mode(the one that requires admin mode) due to the fact that is WAY more stable and is supported by other WFC servers. This mode also needs wincap to work. Here's a link fo wincap's site
To enable direct mode, you go to: config > Wifi Settings > Direct Mode(require wincap/npcap and ethernet connection) and tick its box.
About discord, I mostly don't use it, but feel free to add me, Wifall#5328.

Main - General - Error Code 52000 New reply

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