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Posted on 03-08-19 06:41 PM Link | #890
I'm using the latest source code of Melonds and when I go to WiFi settings when I go to the wifi adapters it doesn't show anything. To be exact it shows like 3 options but they are all blank and when I click in one it's like nothing happened. Can somebody help me with this problem. I'm using Ethernet and already have installed win10Pcap.
My laptop is an HP Pavilion and my router is a Cysco Linksys E-900.
No idea what the problem can be so that's why I'm asking for help. Help will be appreciated.

Posted on 03-09-19 04:50 AM Link | #891
You need to install npcap with winpcap API compatibility mode enabled.
Or wait for melonDS next version that should remove the use winpcap for the non-direct mode.

Posted on 03-09-19 09:31 AM Link | #892
I'll try that or wait for the next update.
The thing is that it doesn't show me any wireless adapter in the wifi settings I don't know why. That is the thing that bugs me

Main - General - No wireless adapter with melonDS New reply

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