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Posted on 01-27-19 08:59 PM Link | #862
Hello There guys! it turns out that I have been using melon ds for a long time. a few months ago I found a way to get event exclusive pokemon through downloading a distribution ROM, but it was necessary to edit the date of my PC. I edited it many times, and now my games inner clock isnt working properly: the berries wont grow, the swarms wont change, the Battleground gym leaders wont change... is there a way to fix this?

Posted on 01-28-19 07:22 AM Link | #863
the game might have detected that you're messing with the system time.



Posted on 01-30-19 09:00 PM Link | #864
Guessing, melonDS is using the system clock as the in-game RTC, ignoring whichever offset value is in DS firmware, and using something else as the base internal RTC value, in such a way that changing the system clock allows games with anti time travel to detect that the clock has been tampered with. I don't actually know, but given that games are able to detect it, I imagine I can't be too far off.

If you would be interested in adding support for this in melonDS, I guess a better way of doing it would be to use system clock as internal RTC, using an RTC offset of 0 and ignoring whichever offset is saved in the firmware. Then you could have an option in melonDS config to enable the RTC offset, which would read the RTC offset from firmware to determine what the actual in-game time would be. People have been requesting the ability to change the DS clock independently of system clock through DS menu settings some time ago, so they'd probably be happy with that. As long as they don't mind that it would trip the anti time travel in games.

Main - Development - Need hel fixing the clock New reply

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