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Posted on 01-18-19 04:08 AM Link | #857
As the title suggest, i am currently doing a lot of shiny hunting on several versions of pokemon at a time. Would it be possible to implent background input just as desmume and vba
have? Im sure that many shiny hunters including myself would be truly grateful!

Thanks for the great software and all the hard work!

Posted on 01-18-19 08:10 PM Link | #858
Background input works when using a controller, so if you can get your hands on one of those (pun not intended), that should be good for the time being.

For the record, this is already on the radar.

Posted on 01-22-19 10:04 AM Link | #859

keyboard input is the tricky bit there, currently melonDS relies on libui which in turn relies on the underlying window manager. pretty sure SDL does too.

I think there was some issue with this under Linux? like, Windows has GetKeyboardState() which does what we want, but GTK lacks this functionality...

there's SDL_GetKeyState() but that might require an active window...


Main - General - Is there a possibility for background input? New reply

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