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Posted on 08-08-18 07:41 PM Link | #639
This is probably the most out-of-left-wing request you have ever heard on this site, but hear me out.

DSonPSP currently exists as a proof of concept DS emulator. While it's very clearly a proof of concept, it's also incredibly old; it was released when PSP was on Firmware 2.0 (currently 6.61), and uses a Desmume core from 2006/2007. However, since melonDS is trying to achieve serviceable but fast NDS emulation, I considered it. When considering the fact that this build of Desmume is so old that it's written in C (instead of C++ like newer builds) so I would have to redo many elements completely, it crossed my mind; maybe instead of trying to scrappily update Desmume's core, I could rework some of MelonDS's code into DSonPSP.

Now I'm not even expecting this to work, let alone produce many great results; but I thought it would be fascinating to get something like MelonDS running on a platform like the PSP, especially when a framework is already there. The PSP-side code is there; it's a matter of working in some of melonDS's code into the pre-existing codebase. Again, a very bold - stupid, depending on who you ask - idea, but I think given the attention a simple change to DaedalusX64 received (N64 emulator for PSP; simply changed a compiler flag for slight speedup) some fresh melonDS code into DSonPSP would get a lot of publicity. I'm interested in reworking some of the DSonPSP code anyway; would anyone be interested in doing this with MelonDS?

Main - Development - MelonDS for PSP New reply

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