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Posted on 04-22-18 11:22 PM Link | #585
Where is microphone support on the large laundry list of things to support in the emulator down the line? Without it, the lack of support makes games like Fossil Fighters difficult, and Spectrobes physically unplayable.

Posted on 07-12-18 07:34 PM (rev. 2 of 07-12-18 07:36 PM) Link | #628
I guess it's on the 'whenever I feel like doing it' list

issue is how to implement it using your typical audio API, too

basically those will regularly give you chunks of audio data sampled from the microphone at a selected rate

however, on the DS, there is no sampling in hardware. reading the TSC microphone input returns the current value. games do their own sampling by setting up a timer at whatever rate is convenient for them.

not sure how high you can go. then again, sampling faster than the audio output rate (~32KHz) would not be very useful (you couldn't play it back without losing the extra quality).

basically that means I'd need to set up timers of some kind in melonDS to read microphone input and update the returned TSC value accordingly.


Main - Development - Mic support? New reply

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