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Posted on 06-04-18 09:25 AM Link | #598
Hi everyone, I was wondering, for games like platformers that span both screens, the big example being Contra 4 (Thor: God of Thunder is another example), there's a gap between the screens that the action crosses, so during emulation, you either have an empty space between the screens, or if the gap is turned off, it makes for a disorienting effect as the character disappears for a moment before re-emerging on the other screen.

My question is - does the graphical data for the region between screens exist for games like this? Is it at all possible for the emulator to render this gap and make the whole thing one seamless vertical display?

Posted on 06-04-18 09:39 AM Link | #599
It might be possible to render more than 192 lines, but you'd likely see garbage in that area. Also won't work at all if display capture is used because it can't capture more than 192 lines.

3D graphics are a whole other can of worms. The viewport is typically specified as 256x192, and polygons are clipped to that area, so basically anything offscreen is lost.


Posted on 06-04-18 10:42 AM Link | #600
Ah so it really is a dead zone graphically. Damn shame. :) Thanks for the fast reply!

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