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Posted on 03-12-18 11:58 AM Link | #565
so I've got a problem here and found no thread about it.

I downloaded melonDS 0.6b just now to try it out.

I used dsbf_dump to dump the firmware and got BIOSNDS7.ROM, BIOSNDS9.ROM and FW95476B.BIN, which I renamed to bios7.bin, bios9.bin and firmware.bin respectively. I dumped it twice to make sure, the dump seems proper.

this much got me past the [no bios/firmware] error message and melonDS boots properly, but I get a pointlessly white screen when trying to run the firmware or a ROM, and nothing happens.

I tried running a older revision of melonDS to have the console tell me what the hell is going on. I slapped everything on C:\ and this is what I get.

Posted on 03-12-18 12:18 PM (rev. 3 of 03-12-18 12:27 PM) Link | #566
your firmware is 128K (DSi firmware, seeing as console type is 0x57), which is a problem in older melonDS versions, but was fixed in 0.5

you can try grabbing the source and building a DebugFast build, I guess

also: try sticking the ROMs in a subfolder? maybe it doesn't like them being in C:\ because it fails to create a savefile or whatever

Posted on 03-12-18 03:28 PM Link | #568
ooh right, my bad. I was never told it doesn't support DSi firmware. should've figured.

I had to tinker with my flashcart to run on a DS Lite, but melonDS works with the firmware flawlessly. thanks!

Posted on 03-12-18 03:31 PM (rev. 2 of 03-12-18 03:31 PM) Link | #569
does the DSi firmware still cause trouble with latest melonDS, tho? because it shouldn't

(ie. does latest melonDS also run when given the DSLite firmware?)

Posted on 03-12-18 04:01 PM Link | #570
DSL firmware works on both, DSi firmware works for none of 'em. is there actual support for DSi fw?

also putting stuff on C:/ was to make the path shorter for test and screenshot. I do avoid putting spaces in paths but better make sure.

Posted on 03-12-18 04:19 PM Link | #571
DSi firmware should allow booting games with direct boot enabled, you just can't run the firmware.

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