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Posted on 12-21-17 10:38 PM (rev. 2 of 09-21-18 04:33 PM) Link | #471
This game works, but it can't save, and it can't read external save files.

Using a save file from my retail cart, the main menu displays "New Game" as if there were no save files present.

If I start a new game on a blank save, in-game says "Save failed." and a 256KB save file is created with 50 01 3C 00 00 00 00 00 90 D7 6F 02 00 00 00 00 at the beginning, padded with 00s the rest of the way.
(For the record, save file size for this game should be 128KB.)

Attempting the same thing, but with a pre-existing save file, instead leaves the save file untouched (but it does change the last modified at timestamp on the file, though I don't think that really matters for anything.)

idk about Explorers of Time/Darkness (they may work), but this particular game does use some kind of weird different save method. So that may be the cause for the problems. But that's just my guess.


Here's something, for those who might not want to wait until a proper fix might be implemented.

2204AA98 00000007
2208380c 000000BF

2204ADD0 00000007
22083BA4 000000BF

Those are AR codes which fix the save error. Patch your rom through DSATM (until melonDS may have proper AR support.) Of course, if the game is fixed before AR support is added, this won't really be needed anymore. :p

(Only briefly tested to see if it would allow the game to save. Someone else would need to confirm whether or not this causes issues at other parts of the game.)

The main issue I've found so far is that the game won't recognize 128KB saves from external sources due to expecting a 256KB save file. You can pad your save file with 00's to 256KB and it will recognize it, still. I am not sure if this would cause any issues during gameplay.

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Main - Compatibility / Testing - PMD: Explorers of Sky (0.6b, so far) New reply

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