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Posted on 01-07-18 06:07 PM Link | #487
My understanding is that melonDS generates raw .sav files, and it's also my understanding that Drastic generates raw files as well, albeit with a different extension (.dsv). I know in the past that I ahve been able to import drastic saves into Desmume by first renaming the drastic save from .dsv to .sav and importing, however I have no such success doing to same and opening the file in melonDS. Has anybody else tried it?

Posted on 01-07-18 06:12 PM Link | #488
DraStic might be appending shit at the end of the file. Check that the file size is an exact power of two.


Posted on 01-07-18 10:38 PM Link | #492
Hm. Well, it's not *quite* exact - it's 512.1 kb (524,410 bytes as opposed to 524,288). So you may be right, thanks. I'll see if I can track down any useful information from Drastic.

Posted on 01-08-18 07:29 PM Link | #493
You probably need to open it in a hex editor and trim the extra shit at the end. melonDS expects exact savefile sizes.


Posted on 03-19-18 02:03 PM Link | #576
instead of a hex editor, try this one: (it works perfectly for me | currently using melonDS 0.6b)

just open offline save converter 2.
select save file type to NDS.
select your game save file of whatever format. (Ex: Pokemon White Version 2.dsv*)
.......*if .dsv, then select the source format to DeSmuME.
select target format to Raw Format. (that's .sav file)
select the size to whatever you like. (mostly, pokemon b2/w2 save file size was 512 kilo-bytes - 4 mega-bits)
then convert it.

Posted on 04-01-19 10:07 PM (rev. 2 of 04-01-19 10:10 PM) Link | #932

Thank you but that unfortuantly is only available for Windows. It does not work well on Wine.

If anyone is confused on what exactly needs to be deleted to use a Drastic save file in melonds:

1) Open any Hex Editor.
A) I used Okteta which is easily available on most Linux distributions. Bless and jeet are Linux alternatives.
B) DxD is a safe choice on Windows.

2) Open the file in your hex editor. Go straight to the VERY end of the file. You will find this message:
|<--Snip above h
ere to create a
raw sav by exclu
ding this DeSmuM
E savedata foote

3) Delete this message. Delete exactly what I quoted. This will also shorten the file by 122 bytes to make it the size melonds and flash cards want.
A) In Okteta, I had to uncheck the option "Overwrite Mode" in the Edit options to be able to delete anything.

4) Save.

5) Rename the save file.
A) It has to be the same name as the ROM.
B) The extension has to be changed to .sav
C) Put the sav file in the same folder as the nds file

Takes about 30 seconds after you do it right once. I only ever used a Hex Editor once (Smash Bros Brawl releated!)

I do not understand the point of Drastic and DeSmuMe adding such a weird message to the save file in the first place.

edit: I'm sorry that I didn't see how old this thread was. I thought the post above mine was just a week old; not a year and a week old. I found this thread using Google and just decided to update it with a solution that worked for me.

Main - General - .sav question New reply

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