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Posted on 04-03-21 03:09 AM Link | #3541
Hey! I was wondering if this is the right place to ask the dev(s) about the possibility of them adding a flat fps limiter for higher than base speeds in future?

I have been using Melon DS now instead of Desumme for a couple of months and love it! Its so much smoother. However, I still have to use Desume for the pokemon race series I am doing with 2 others, where we all need to be able to play the game at the same speed, but sped up (at the moment we opt for 90/120 fps depending on game). Sadly, Melon does not have this feature yet? I am not sure how difficult it is to implement and so was wondering if it is planned to be added in future, similar to how Desume added it.

Thanks for reading and all the great work on the emulator already!!

Main - Development - Future addition request New reply

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