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Posted on 09-18-17 11:37 PM (rev. 2 of 09-19-17 08:39 AM) Link | #341
News of the long-awaited melonDS-with-a-UI-that-doesn't-suck-ass


* will not be compatible with XP/Vista (sorry toaster-rocking folks out there)
* working, minus a few details (screen area needs to be refocused to ensure it receives keyboard input)


* displays screen fine (after a bugfix) but colors are wrong
* I still need to get the hang of cairo, it's a bit weird
* GTK isn't thread-safe and will shit itself if you do things wrong. caused a spurious random freeze. I think I've figured it out now and I need to work around it.
* keyboard input needs to be done still


* will not be done unless someone shows up who happens to have the knowledge

In general

* resetting and loading a new game works fine
* config dialogs still need to be done
* final framebuffer is xBGR (with alpha forced to 255). might want to change to xRGB as it appears to be more compatible (is the format cairo expects, more compatible with Direct2D...).


Main - Development - teh new UI New reply

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