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Posted on 08-18-17 07:51 PM (rev. 2 of 08-18-17 07:52 PM) Link | #316
We might as well dedicate a thread to these. The GPU is a pile of quirks.

Edgemarking behavior at screen edges

This is what happens when rendering a fullscreen quad with edgemarking. No idea what's the logic behind that, but it might stem from the scanline cache system.


Posted on 08-18-17 10:26 PM Link | #317
This is brought up in a GDC presentation from 2007:
Audio here(relevant part ~11min in):

They don't understand why it happens, either. But I thought it might be interesting to hear about game devs stumbling across this issue and their attempts at working around it.

Posted on 08-22-17 06:04 AM Link | #321
I saw that presentation.

A part of their glitches happens because non-edgemarked polygons overlap the edges. The other part is what my screenshot demonstrates.


Main - Development - 3D GPU quirks New reply

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