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Posted on 08-21-17 03:37 AM Link | #319
Let's see...

* Anti-aliasing is a separate rendering pass, presumably done after edge marking and fog.

* Edge marking is done before fog -- marked edges don't stand out in fog.
* Fog is applied to the final frame.

* Anti-aliasing only works for the topmost polygon pixels. Suppose you're drawing two identical polygons with different colors, A over B. A's edges are antialiased against B. B gets no antialiasing.

* In the case above, you can insert a translucent polygon (C) between A and B and it renders "properly" -- A is antialiased against C blended with B.


You can draw a translucent polygon (or even several) over an antialiased polygon, and it still gets antialiased properly -- the antialiasing is somehow applied before the blending.

No idea how this shit can work.


Posted on 08-21-17 12:26 PM Link | #320
An idea I just had is that when rendering a translucent polygon, it's blended against both top and bottom pixels, but doesn't push any pixel down.

Would explain how it comes out correct in all cases.


Main - Development - Antialiasing: how the hell does it work?? New reply

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