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Posted on 10-31-20 07:28 PM Link | #2671
hello everyone! I'm koreanturtleship (not korean lmao), and i am a student with a huge interest in computers and retro stuff. I found out about melonDS from the emulation tech wiki and decided to take it for a spin and found that I liked it more than DeSmuME. I like to play pokemon games and really hope to see useful wifi emulation soon. (also did you know you can use your phone as a virtual ethernet device when tethering it? that means ppl stuck on wifi only can finally connect melonDS to alternate DNSes!) - pee.

Posted on 10-31-20 07:34 PM Link | #2672
welcome aboard :) glad you like melonDS :P


Posted on 12-26-20 05:44 AM Link | #3024
Hi, I'm Mario&LuigiEtCo., or SLG3 as a SM64 Machinimist, I'm interested by NSMB series hacking, I'm learning c++ and python, I'm making shit games with DS Game Maker, in the melonds's Kuribo64 community, I give ideas for melonDS development, sometimes they're released, sometimes it's trash, but I don't stop giving ideas.

Posted on 12-26-20 09:22 PM Link | #3031
Evening. My name is Soup. Im new to emulators and newer to the forum thing. Please be patient with me on this one. I'm here to learn about MelonDS and to just re live some good old memories with ds games.

Posted on 04-08-21 07:49 PM Link | #3569
Heyo! I'm Grum. I'm a retro game lad and currently learning c# and c++. Melonds really intrigues me and I'd love to help in any way I can. :)
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Main - General chatter - (because every board needs one) The introductions thread New reply

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