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Posted on 07-24-17 05:42 AM (rev. 2 of 07-24-17 05:43 AM) Link | #275
Pondering ideas for this.

The demo 'LMNTS by Titan' uses it to do fades. I know the DSLite version does. I saw no such activity in the DSPhat version -- is it just 'broken', or does it do things differently? Can't test it, it refuses to run on my flashcart.

(why don't they just use master brightness)


LCD backlight can be disabled per screen. On the DSLite, it can also be set to four levels, but the setting affects both screens.

When backlight is disabled, the screen graphics are still visible, but you need strong light. Graphics are more visible on the DSPhat.

But there's no way to emulate a "make graphics more visible if user is pointing light at their monitor". So, is it better to completely obscure the emulated screens or to let it a bit visible?

(PS. I don't take overcomplicated options like "add a button to emulate light being pointed at the screen")

DSLite backlight levels: level 0 appears to be around 50%. Have a better estimate?

Levels 0, 1, 2, 3 could be respectively mapped to 50%, 67%, 84%, 100%. Or 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%.


Posted on 07-24-17 06:10 PM (rev. 2 of 07-24-17 06:12 PM) Link | #282
Here's what the phat version looks like on my phat with both my AK2i and DSTWO:
No clue if that's how it's supposed to look.

As for the discussion of disabled backlights, I'd leave the screen slightly visible when they're disabled.

Posted on 07-24-17 06:43 PM Link | #283
I guess I can do it that way. The issue is that, in the case of the demo, they disable backlight to hide the screen they don't want. On the other hand, SM64DS has a backlight setting, and you don't want your screen to go completely black when you turn it off, atleast so you can turn it back on.

So, slightly visible (10% or so) may be the best option.

Also, thanks for the video. Confirms my feeling that they just didn't bother, even though they could still turn backlights on/off without doing fades.


Posted on 08-03-17 09:44 AM Link | #292
SM64DS does go completely black on DS Lite. You can turn it back on if you remember where the button is.

Posted on 08-03-17 09:46 AM Link | #293
Yeah, you need to direct light directly at the LCD to see the pixels.

I figured I can also make brightness emulation optional.


Posted on 08-03-17 07:28 PM Link | #294
In my opinion, emulating screen brightness is a bit unnecessary.

If you actually want to control the brightness, there's no reason to use the emulated DS brightness controls instead of your actual monitor's. Also users will put their brightness at less than 100% and then complain that colors look bad/dark.

Posted on 08-03-17 07:33 PM Link | #295
The point would be for the occasional demo that abuses brightness :P


Posted on 08-13-17 11:04 AM Link | #312
You could have three options:
* Dimming to sort-of emulate backlight chaning (you suggestion)
* A symbol on the menu/text on the terminal that tells you that a backlight command has been sent
* Ignore backlight commands

Posted on 08-13-17 11:11 AM Link | #313
You could also define an ambient brightness level (modifiable by user).


Ambient brighness: 30%.
LCD brighness: 50%
Resulting brighness: 30% + ((100% - 30%) * 50%) = 65%

Main - General - LCD brightness: how to implement? New reply

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