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Cause Key
Posted on 08-19-20 04:34 AM Link | #2236
Hello! My name is Cause and I'm relatively new this forum as this is my thread.

Now, I come asking for help on a topic that a lot of you probably already dealt with before so sorry if I sound annoying.

But the gist is that I'm trying to get Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Platinum to trade on my computer using the Union Room, now I already managed to link up the 2 games together so that I can interact with the other one, but the moment I try to start up a trade I always get a blue screen error even though everything before it is perfectly fine, does anyone know what causes / how to fix this and or is there an actual in detail guide on how to get something like this working on my own that someone can send over to me?

Oh and before anyone asks, yes I did do these things:

- Use and Ethernet connection
- Turn off Frame Limiter
- Turn on Bind socket to adress
- And I may as well say I use a Windows 10 and am running the 0.8.3 version of melonDS

Thanks in advance! :)

Posted on 10-10-20 04:41 PM (rev. 2 of 10-10-20 04:57 PM) Link | #2565
Hello! I have exactly the same issue on recent melonDS v0.9, Win10 Home 64bit. I've tried to trade a dozen times and selecting trade option always ends in "Communication error" blue screen.

Is there any other known workaround for this?

--- EDIT ---
OK, I've finally managed to trade pokemons! For me, it was only possible with those additional settings "Audio sync: off" and "Screen size: 1x".

Posted on 11-21-20 10:35 PM (rev. 3 of 11-21-20 10:50 PM) Link | #2840
I tried this.. I almost got it.. with audio off and 1x, I was able to initiate the trade but when graveler evolved, it gave me a communication error.

I also turned off screen filter, show OSD, changed the layout back to "natural" and made sure screensizing was "even". After doing this, I completed an evolution of golem. However at this point it switched to "please wait for communication" on both emulators, and after about 20 or 30 seconds it gave me a blue screen error again. However, at this time, Both emulators had golem in the party. I exited the room on my main copy and he indeed kept golem in his party and it is saved. It wasn't pretty but it worked. There has to be some other setting to get this to go without the crash.

Main - Compatibility / Testing - Pokemon HeartGold/Platinum Trading Issue New reply

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