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Posted on 07-24-17 10:28 AM Link | #276
It's about that fire bar that depletes as you spit fire. Every emulator has trouble drawing it properly, it sometimes has a gap in the middle or is misaligned.

That game is another case of "fuck you I won't run on your flashcart", it just sits on the flashcart loading screen forever.

So, could someone test this on real hardware, atleast until I get a better flashcart? Do we have an excellent GPU test case, or just a shoddy game that also exhibits the glitch on hardware?

Posted on 07-24-17 05:17 PM (rev. 3 of 07-24-17 05:21 PM) Link | #277
There's three Legend of Spyro games, does it affect them all? Do you have a picture of the glitch? How often does it happen? I've been playing through "Legend of Spyro - A New Beginning" in the latest melonDS commit and haven't seen any glitches on the bar.

E: Not seeing any problems in DeSmuME either.

Posted on 07-24-17 05:22 PM Link | #278
It happens in The Eternal Night.

Posted on 07-24-17 05:31 PM (rev. 2 of 07-24-17 05:32 PM) Link | #279
Ok, I'm seeing it. Tested on my DSi with a DSTWO and it looks buggy just like in melonDS.

Posted on 07-24-17 05:32 PM Link | #280
well good, we don't have shit to fix there, and we can add it to the list of game issues.

thank you!

Main - Compatibility / Testing - Legend of Spyro glitch New reply

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