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Posted on 11-17-20 02:54 AM (rev. 2 of 11-17-20 02:56 AM) Link | #2766
dsi ware(installing games from .nds file format not booting from the dsi nand)
dsi enhanced games
indirect mode improvements
generating .img file directly from melonds
pokewalker support
local multiplayer improvements
these improvements must be made

Posted on 11-17-20 09:16 AM (rev. 2 of 11-17-20 09:18 AM) Link | #2771
"Must"? I think (or rather hope) you meant to say "should" here, because pokewalker support and indirect mode improvements (is there anything that even needs to be improved with indirect mode?) aren't what I'd call necessary additions. At least, not in the immediate future. Also, wrong forum.
EDIT: Didn't see that this was also posted in the correct forum. Oh well.

Nothing to say, so jadnjkfmnjamnfjkldnajfnjkanfjdksan jsdnvj m.

Main - General chatter - improvements that must be made New reply

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