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Posted on 07-06-17 09:31 AM Link | #251
The ability to play GBA games is part of the DS, so will MelonDS ever be able to do so as well? And does the DS hardware/firmware do the heavy lifting, or would you essentially have to code a whole emulator into MelonDS?

Posted on 07-06-17 12:19 PM Link | #252
The one bit of gba emulation I personally want to see is being able to trade pokemon from the gba games to the ds ones, just wishful thinking most likely though.

Posted on 07-23-17 06:32 PM Link | #273
Just loading old save data from GBA SRAM via Slot-2, and maybe Boktai 4 using the solar sensor if a Boktai 1/2/3 cart is in Slot-2.
Those would be enough.

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