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Posted on 07-19-20 07:02 PM Link | #2096
I imported my ranger save file to melonds and I’m trying to transfer it over to either diamond or platinum, but whenever I try to send the egg it the ranger says a sinnoh trainer was not found and diamond say platinum say that the connection was lost. Any help would be appreciated.

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 07-19-20 07:05 PM Link | #2097
no need to make a new thread. Local multiplayer emulation is known to be not perfect yet. Try disabling the frame limiter in both instances of the emulator.

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Posted on 07-19-20 07:08 PM Link | #2098
I tried that, but it still doesn’t work, I’m getting between 55 and 61 frames

Posted on 10-04-20 08:45 PM Link | #2544
Make sure Audio Sync is off as well and vsync is disabled as well.

Main - General - Manaphy egg Transfer not working New reply

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