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Game Tailor
Posted on 09-21-20 04:27 PM (rev. 2 of 09-22-20 03:03 AM) Link | #2383
Ok, first i have an old pc, and i don't have internet connection (yet). so my only option is local wifi.

I am trying to do pokemon trade with myself in all gen 4 and 5 games. But fps drops alot, when one instance of two gets active its fps raises and other's drops. It doesn't matter if limiter is on or off because fps never reaches 60 fps to begin with.

So what you suggest now? Open three instance, open a random game in active one and trade in other two inactives?

Generic aka RSDuck
Posted on 09-21-20 06:46 PM Link | #2384
currently if it doesn't work with the fps limiter disabled, then it doesn't. Though we're working on a better solution.

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Game Tailor
Posted on 09-22-20 03:02 AM (rev. 3 of 09-22-20 03:11 AM) Link | #2385
İf there is a way to boost fps...
Or can somehow making so that to instances run at same low fps (like my there instances example) make it work?

Yeah i know i am stretching ideas way too much :)

Note: any typos are due to my language's auto corrector...

Main - General - Need help with local Wi-Fi New reply

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