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Posted on 09-04-20 11:50 PM Link | #2274
Whew. Haven't been on this account in almost 1000 days, there's quite the dust in here. *ahem*
So, I absolutely must commend your progress on this project, it's evolved so much since I was last here. Congratulations on your 0.9 release.
I'm glad to see this still going forward.

One feature that I've always thought about having to any DS emulator would be its ability to connect to the Nintendo Wii. It's not a feature that's really been advertised but it is a feature that exists nonetheless, and several games support this connectivity, whether it be for unlocking content or transferring data, they're able to do so.
So, I'm not sure if it has ever been something you've considered, but how feasible would it be to have melonDS and Dolphin Emulator be compatible with one another to finally add this ever so missing support for one another? I realize that you and the Dolphin developers would need to be able to properly communicate with one another to even start potential progress on this, but I guess my main question is: How willing are you to do so, and if so, when do you plan on attempting this?

Perhaps, I wonder how well either could properly connect to their real console counterparts.

Posted on 09-06-20 12:25 PM Link | #2282
From what has been said, melonDS already sends the information. Dolphin just needs to be able to receive it.

Main - Development - Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii Connectivity New reply

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